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Murf's Fan Cave

Murf's Fan Cave featuring Raiders Fan Radio and more.

Jul 30, 2017

Join Sonny and Murf this week as they discuss:

  1. Donald Penn Holding Out
  2. The CAMP is here
  3. Jones and Howard cuts
  4. OBI and Conley signings
  5. Murf’s MLB solution
  6. Trivia and Contest giveaways

Call in to 909.345.3346 and let us know why you are a Raiders Fan. We’ll pick someone at random to give a $25 Gift Card to as well as a gift bag. Contest ends Aug 10, 2017.


Be the first to text 801.259.4165 and answer one of the following questions to win a $25 Gift Card to as well as a gift bag:

  1. What Raiders player was in the movie “Behind the Green Door?”
  2. How many Touchdowns did Marshawn Lynch have in 2010?


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