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Murf's Fan Cave

Murf's Fan Cave featuring Raiders Fan Radio and more.

Jan 27, 2017

Join The Degos this week as they discuss the continuing discord occurring within Raidernation that was led this week by fans coming at C-Wood on twitter. Listen to The Degos as they break down the psychology behind this type of behavior and what can be do

The Degos also touch on Raiders’ pro-bowl selections and...

Jan 21, 2017

The Degos also touch on a topic they have avoided all year, Vegas. The Degos have a frank and honest discussion about the Raiders potentially moving to Vegas and the implications for both local and national fans.   

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Weekly show, discussing all...

Jan 4, 2017

Join The Degos for a quick interview with Rocky and Israel as they tell Raider Nation where the hot spots will be in Houston this week for the playoff game. Rocky and Israel also share about the origins of Space City Raider Nation and where they each got their fandom from despite being raised in Texas around Cowboys...